September's Product of the Month

Sweetgreens kale salad product of the month


Every month, we feature a new product that showed some of the most impressive results in our testing. As we grow our database of tested products by adding 50 new products each month, we receive a variety of results. The goal of our Product of the Month feature is to highlight a farm or company that proves their commitment to clean and sustainable practices and ingredient use. We aim to give consumers confidence in their food choices with the help of our Product of the Month. To assure our independence, we do not receive funds from any featured brands.

Our Product of the Month for September is Sweetgreens Kale Salad by True Leaf Farms

Sweetgreens is a well-known leader in transparency and sustainability when it comes to food that comes in to-go boxes. They pride themselves on building a transparent supply network and work hard to build a strong community of health-centered partnerships. Sweetgreens goes to great lengths in choosing farms they know and trust, who prove to be forerunners in responsible growing practices. They claim to ‘let their farming dictate their menu’ by providing fresh in-season produce selected by their partner-farms in their area. To read more about Sweetgreens traceable sourcing strategies and about their partners, go here.

We tested the kale salad at Sweetgreens, sourced from their partner farm True Leaf Farms. Located in California, True Leaf Farms exemplifies proper food safety assessments and has an entire page on their website dedicated to outlining the protocols and certifications used. They provide thorough risk evaluations at their farms that implement water and soil testings to ensure contaminants are contained. They also use ID codes that establish the details needed to properly trace each of their products, making sure they can keep track of where they’re harvested, processed, stored and distributed. Thanks Sweetgreens for partnering with such a transparent and sustainable farm!

product of the month
test report product of the month

According to our evaluation report, we rated Sweet Greens Kale Salad a 0 on our Concern Index. None of the 420 pesticides or heavy metals tested for were detected in our evaluations performed by our partner labs. The team at Testsharing is proud to encourage our audience to support Sweetgreens.