March's Product of the Month



Every month, we feature a new product that showed some of the most impressive results in our testing. As we grow our database of tested products by adding 50 new products each month, we receive a variety of results. The goal of our Product of the Month feature is to highlight a farm or company that proves their commitment to clean and sustainable practices and ingredient use. We aim to give consumers confidence in their food choices with the help of our Product of the Month.

Our Product of the Month for March is Bunny Tail Puffs from Annie’s Homegrown

Last month Sunny Day Snack Bars scored a 15 on our Concern Index, which was the lowest of the 8 other snack products we tested. Needless to say, the results were disappointing considering the amount of toxins that were detected in a product that’s catered towards children. We did some more digging and found Annie’s Homegrown came back with even cleaner results! Now you can make a better choice of snacks for your children.

Annie's Homegrown is a leader of eco-consciousness in the food industry. They are based in Berkeley, California, distributing organic and non-organic products across the country. Annie’s collaborates with many partners to work together to reach four goals: Increase organic agriculture, ensure transparency, provide assurance with certifications, and measure impact at the farm level. They only partner with manufacturers and farmers who are aligned with their values, ethics and goals around environmental and social responsibility. Their commitment to sustainability is influential.

March Product of the Month
March POM Evaluation Report

According to our evaluation report, we rated Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Tail Puffs a 2 on our Concern Index. Very little of the 420 pesticides tested for were detected in our evaluations performed by our partner labs. This is a wonderful choice of snacks for children. Way to go, Annie's Homegrown!