June's Product of the Month

June's Product of the Month

JUNE’S Product Of the Month

Every month, we feature a new product that showed some of the most impressive results in our testing. As we grow our database of tested products by adding 50 new products each month, we receive a variety of results. The goal of our Product of the Month feature is to highlight a farm or company that proves their commitment to clean and sustainable practices and ingredient use. We aim to give consumers confidence in their food choices with the help of our Product of the Month. To assure our independence, we do not receive funds from any featured brands.

Our Product of the Month for June is Wish Farms Strawberries

Everyone's favorite summer snack to enjoy under the sun is sweet juicy strawberries! Strawberries pack a variety of benefits and taste incredible. They’re antioxidant powerhouses that protect your heart and boost immunity. Strawberries are packed with fiber and vitamin C, which combines together to promote blood flow and reduce oxidative stress. Ranking #1 in EWG’s Dirty Dozen List, strawberries are one of the most susceptive to pesticide exposure due to their porous structure. Finding conventionally grown strawberries with no contamination levels is almost unheard of! The strawberries we tested from Wish Farms are not organic, although they produce both conventional and organic berry products. Wish Farms holds high standards in their farming methods for all their berries, proving their dedication to quality products.

Florida-based Wish Farms is nationally recognized for growing, harvesting and shipping quality berries. They coordinate their own food safety initiative program to hold themselves accountable in maintaining honesty in their products. Wish Farms Food Safety Program includes certifications by the Global Food Safety Initiatives and food safety management systems, that cover both Good Agricultural Practices in production and post-production. Their berry processing facilities are certified by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, which are both systematic approaches to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards. They’re a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to sustaining a healthy environment for future generations. Through food bank donations, berry processing, composting and utilization of recycled products, they aim to reduce landfill waste.

June's Product of the Month
June POM Evaluation Report

According to our evaluation report, we rated Wish Farms Strawberries a 0 on our Concern Index. None of the 420 pesticides tested for were detected in our evaluations performed by our partner labs. Enjoy all the wonderful toxin-free benefits strawberries bring to the table with Wish Farms!