July's Product of the Month



Every month, we feature a new product that showed some of the most impressive results in our testing. As we grow our database of tested products by adding 50 new products each month, we receive a variety of results. The goal of our Product of the Month feature is to highlight a farm or company that proves their commitment to clean and sustainable practices and ingredient use. We aim to give consumers confidence in their food choices with the help of our Product of the Month. To assure our independence, we do not receive funds from any featured brands.

Our Product of the Month for July is Rigoni di Asiago’s Mielbio Honey

Rigoni di Asiago is a family-owned business that dates back to the early '70s based out of Northern Italy. Rigoni di Asiago has an in-house lab to run quality checks at each production stage from cultivation to packaging, to make sure each product is up to scale. Their Mielbio honey collection is labeled as "raw", is cold pressed, and is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and natural antibacterial properties. 

They use low-temperature processing methods and thorough washing and harvesting protocols to guarantee quality. Rigoni di Asiago production cycle operates with low power consumption, and uses recycled water that’s been treated and purified. Photovoltaic solar-powered panels are installed at the production site, at the administrative offices, and at the logistics centers. An example of Rigoni di Asiago going above and beyond in sustainability is their decision to study the carbon footprint of three of their products in 2014. The brand reflects genuine respect for nature and their initiation tactics to reduce their own environmental impact.

July Product of the month
Honey test report

According to our evaluation report, we rated Rigoni di Asiago’s Mielbio Honey a 0 on our Concern Index. None of the 420 pesticides tested for were detected in our evaluations performed by our partner labs. Drizzle this honey as a natural sweetener without worry of chemical exposure!