Chemical Cocktails - A New Meaning of Intoxication

Toxic Chemical Cocktails


Chemical Cocktails - A New Meaning of Intoxication

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set different legal amounts of chemicals found in food to regulate the quantity of exposure to consumers in the US. This system is meant to safely manage and adjust the legal limits of chemicals and pesticides being distributed to agricultural crops. Scientific data on the escalating amount of pesticides in food show that the regulatory system put in place by the EPA is failing, because of the exposure to multiple chemical mixtures in pesticide formulas.

While the regulatory system conducts tests for single active ingredients in pesticides, it does not test the other chemicals used in combination in pesticide formulations. These extra chemicals being added to the formulas are used to enhance the effectiveness of the main active ingredients. The test results do not consider the combined effects of the chemicals used in commercial pesticides formulas, as well as the long-term effects on us, the consumers. Chemicals can actually be more toxic when combined, than alone. * Consumers are exposed to a mixture, or a “chemical cocktail”, of pesticides in foods that are being distributed to our local supermarkets.

“We are not just exposed to pesticides, we are exposed to a combination of chemicals in pesticides acting together, and we must take account of this cocktail effect in our foods.” - Scientist Prof Anne Marie Vinggaard of the National Food Institute in Denmark. 

There is no simple way of ensuring safe use of pesticides in agriculture today. Pesticides have been shown to lead to serious health risks like endocrine disruption, autism, multiple types of cancers, as well as negative reproductive and neurological effects. Since we cannot improve the lack of transparency in the regulatory system that the EPA provides, we need to take steps to avoid chemical exposure ourselves. Not only to protect our own personal health, but to protect our family, children, and friends health. The advice from doctors is often to combine different contaminated foods to vary the types of chemical exposure, when it should be to completely avoid the toxins all together. Buying locally and organically whenever possible is a simple step that we can take to decrease the risks of consuming foods containing mixtures of different pesticides. 

TestSharing is another step that you can take to get more transparency that the regulatory system is lacking. The platform allows you to conduct your own professional lab test on foods for pesticides, and have access to the database of previously tested foods. TestSharing creates an easy and accessible way of discovering what kind of chemicals are in the foods you consume, giving you the ability to make a clear and informative choice on what you want in your body.