As a PhD chemist from Germany, and a passionate mother who wants to avoid the intake of harmful toxins in food for my family - I learned that there was a large need for independent and reliable food product information. In my professional career I worked in a lab in Shanghai, where I began conducting my own tests on my favorite food products I feed to my family.

As a chemist, I know that professional lab testing is expensive and complicated, making this a large obstacle for others to know more about what kind of chemicals are in food. Surprised by the results I found in my own food testings, I started organizing shared lab tests in my community. I quickly realized that this service met a global need. Fortunately, I met our COO Brian Gottbetter at that exact moment. With his professional knowledge of new technologies, he encouraged me to automate my testing service through a mobile app platform - making it more accessible for everyone who wants to know more about what’s in their food.

Here we are now: TestSharing, a platform based in New York City, created to give consumers like you and I access to professional lab tests results on food. Let’s make toxin-free eating a choice for everyone.

Uncover the truth about your food.

— Beata Oginski

CEO and Founder of TestSharing

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