Testsharing Lab Testing

We submit food samples to our labs for testing on potential toxic chemicals.

We select and purchase various foods to submit for testing based on market research of both unprocessed and processed foods. We designed a voting feature in our app, giving our users the ability to vote on food items they want to see tested first. We send out sample of the food items selected to our various partner laboratories. TestSharing does not accept samples from manufacturers for grading or ranking purposes.

Lab Test Toxic Chemicals

Testsharing Lab Testing

We collect the test analysis from our labs and convert the data into a comprehensive report.

Laboratory results are riddled with technical chemistry terms and complex measuring data, making them complicated to understand. To help our users, our team translates the lab results into an easy-to-digest evaluation report. Our evaluation reports give a detailed analysis of the test results and include an elaborate explanation of each contaminant detected.


Testsharing Lab Testing

We upload our reports in the TestSharing app, giving our users access to our evaluations.

We provide a score on our unique Index Scale for each food tested to give instant insight into how contaminated the food is. Our Index Scale directly reflects the level of concern on a scale from 0-100+. Our index score is based on the “Acceptable Daily Intake” benchmarks that research scientists issue for each chemical in both the United States and European Union. Scoring a 0 on our Index scale means that the food item is completely free of harmful contaminants and toxins. Scoring a 100+ means that the food item failed legal standards, surpassing the “Acceptable Daily Intake'“ benchmark. Foods scoring between 1-100 are not completely clean, but up to our users to judge.