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Premium Membership has officially launched!

Look beyond the label with us

Now on the Testsharing App, you can upgrade your membership to Premium for $10/month or $99/year


With Premium, you will:

  • Have unlimited access to all test reports and evaluations

  • Get 10x more votes on products you want to see tested first

  • Exclusive comparison studies on products so you can choose the best options

  • Alert notification services for failed product results, allowing you to always be on the safe side

I started using TestSharing because we use supplements, like turmeric, on a regular basis ... and, found that they are testing everything from Trader Joe’s strawberries, to hummus, to Cheerios, organic frozen peas, you name it.

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As consumers, we can’t afford to order tests in labs or hire our own scientists, but TOGETHER we can invest in the truth