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We tested the kale salad at Sweetgreens, sourced from their partner farm True Leaf Farms. Located in California, True Leaf Farms exemplifies proper food safety assessments and has an entire page on their website dedicated to outlining the protocols and certifications used. They also use ID codes that establish the details needed to properly trace each of their products, making sure they can keep track of where they’re harvested, processed, stored and distributed. Thanks Sweetgreens for partnering with such a transparent and sustainable farm!


Founded in 2011 by a group of concerned parents and leaders in health and wellness, SmartyPants Vitamins mission is to simplify health without sacrificing quality. They claim to be industry leaders in testing, transparency, and advocacy, from sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to testing and packaging. SmartyPants does not use any synthetic colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Every bottle of SmartyPants sold, they make a 1-for-1 nutrient grant to the non-profit Vitamin Angels to help get life-changing supplements to those in need around the world. The team at Testsharing is a fan of SmartyPants Vitamins!


Introducing July's #productofthemonth: Rigoni di Asiago’s Mielbio Honey. Rigoni di Asiago is a family-owned business that dates back to the early 70's based out of Northern Italy. Rigoni di Asiago has an in-house lab to run quality checks at each production stage from cultivation to packaging, to make sure each product is up to scale. They use low-temperature processing methods and thorough washing and harvesting protocols to guarantee quality. Their Mielbio honey collection labeled as "raw", is cold-pressed and rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and natural antibacterial properties. Rigoni di Asiago Mielbio Organic Honey is a great addition to your morning coffee or over your yogurt and granola


Introducing June's #productofthemonth: Wish Farms Strawberries. We tested 4 different types of strawberries of both organic and conventional varities, and we were most impressed with Wish Farms. The Florida-based, family-owned and opporated farm is nationally recognized for growing, harvesting and shipping quality berries. They coordinate their own food safety initiative program to hold themselves accountable in maintaining honesty in their products. Enjoy all the wonderful toxin-free benefits strawberries bring to the table with Wish Farms!


Introducing May’s #productofthemonth: Petite Baby Carrots by Grimmway Farms. We tested several different types of whole, unprocessed and kid-friendly snacks and Petite Carrots came back with the cleanest results! Grimmway Farms is a family owned business located in the Southern San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Their website provides helpful information on their farmland and some fun recipes and resources regarding their products. Grimmway Farms is dedicated to providing good value, consistent quality products at a good price. Go grab yourself a bag of Grimmway's carrots.



April: Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Filippo Berio


We tested several different types of conventional household cooking must-haves, and Filippo Berio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil came back with the cleanest results by scoring a 0! Filippo Berio prides themselves on holding high scientific and sensory standards for quality products. Their oils are NAOOA (North America Olive Oil Association) certified for purity, in both their organic and non-organic products. Their website also contains nutrition information about their products, and contains an impressive "free of" list.

We support you, Filippo Berio!



March: Annie’s Homegrown - White Cheddar Bunny Tail Puffs


Introducing March’s #productofthemonth: Bunny Tail Puffs by Annie’s Homegrown. Last month, our POM was Sunny Day Snack Bars that came back with a score of 15, which was the lowest of the 8 other snack products we tested. TBH... the results were disappointing considering the amount of toxins that were detected in a product that’s catered towards children. We did some more digging and found Annie’s Homegrown came back with even cleaner results! Annie's Homegrown is also a leader of eco-consciousness in the food industry. Their commitment to organic farming and sustainability is influential. Way to go, Annie's Homegrown!



February: Earth’s Best - Sunny Days Snack Bars


Introducing February’s #productofthemonth: Sunny Days Snack Bars by Earth's Best. We tested 8 different popular baby snacks recommended by local New York parents, and Sunny Days Snack Bars came back with the cleanest results. Although it came back with a higher contamination rate then we would prefer to see in baby food items, compared to the others, it is one of the safer choices for children. What are some of your fav snacks you feed your kids that you want to see tested?



January: Gotham Greens - Red Oak Leaf


TestSharing proudly presents our first #productofthemonth: “Red Oak Leaf” from Gotham Greens. Gotham Greens is a chemical-free rooftop farm in NYC and Chicago. They specialize in environmental sustainability, and having high standards in food safety. Not only is it clean in pesticide residue and heavy metals, but it taste like heaven too. Our professional conclusion: Bon Appetit!