About TestSharing

Living in Shanghai as a mother of 2 and being part of a big expat parents’ community, I learned about the need for independent, reliable product information: as a passionate mother, who wants to avoid the intake of harmful substances through food and water – and as a PhD chemist, who was constantly asked by concerned moms to test the products they gave their kids. Missing reliable, independent product information they were looking for alternative options to test the quality of their food.   

But high prices and complicated order processes of professional lab tests were an obstacle. So, I started organizing shared lab tests in my community and quickly realized that this service meets a global need.   

Fortunately, I met Brian at that exact moment: with his professional knowledge of new technologies he inspired and encouraged me to automate my testing service through a mobile App. And here we are now: TestSharing, a platform created to enable consumers to do their own professional lab tests – easy and affordable as never before.   

Let’s make toxin-free eating an easy choice for everyone – and contribute to an overall improvement of food quality around the world! TestSharing. Uncover the truth about your food.

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